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Palm Treo 850 Image UnmaskedPosted By: Ryan Kairer on Wednesday, May 21, 2008 8:37:40 AM The seemingly unending source of mobile device revelations that is the Boy Genius Report has uncovered and posted the first set of spy shots of the Palm Treo 850. The device looks to be a manifestation of the previously detailed model codenamed Palm Drucker. At first glance, the device looks to be a welcome depart from the usual Treo stylings and presents a more modern look with a blend of design cues from the Centro. The device would also confirm that Palm has an additional model on tap, in addition to the Treo 800w, first seen last week. BGR is reporting that the device is running a 400 MHz processor and reports 100MB of free RAM. The Treo 850 is also shown stacked up with a BlackBerry 8800, which helps us to gestimate that it's thickness is roughly around ~.55 inches (14mm), a noticeable reduction from Treo's past.