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It's the final countdown!

Hi ,

Act Now! It's your last chance to get the Jolla tablet.

The Jolla Tablet Indiegogo campaign is closing in two days. Be sure to get your Jolla Tablet among the first with the special Indiegogo campaign price of 209 USD.

Jolla phone + Tablet combo perk now available!

We’re offering a great last mile Perk: Get $190 off from Jolla Tablet & Jolla smartphone combo! The combo is available until the end of this campaign.

This is a great chance to get your hands on Jolla smartphone right now with a $150 discount and experience Sailfish OS while waiting for your Jolla Tablet.

If you have purchased Jolla Tablet Perk already, no worries, you can get still get the Jolla smartphone with special price. Just select The Combo Upgrade Perk and use the same email address which you used when contributing to Jolla Tablet Perk.

The combo Perk is available to EU countries, Norway and Switzerland only, due to Jolla smartphone availability.

Protect your Jol…